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Act 119: The Commission Dismisses My Complaint

Once the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission got their hands on Doug Sprinkle's response, it didn't take them long to dismiss my complaint. (Doug mailed his response on a Wednesday; the Commission mailed its decision to me on the following Monday.) I couldn't help but notice that they used the same infuriating line that lawyers use when they attempt to justify some of their more abhorrent behavior to TV reporters: We're just doing our jobs. In fact, these attorneys-on-TV seem to be saying, we're required to do the kinds of things that would be considered to be disgusting if they were committed by ordinary human beings. Only another lawyer could really understand that, and you're not a lawyer, which explains why you're so clueless.

In his response, Doug had done what he could to help the Commission define the situation in "us-against-them" terms, providing helpful reminders like, "Despite being notified by the Court of the advisability of being represented by a lawyer, Mr. Mishkoff chose to represent himself," and, "This belief by the Complainant underscores the Complainant's lack of understanding of contract law," the only logical conclusion being that, if I was going to have the astonishing impudence to get myself sued, I should have been better prepared.

And so, here's the one-page notice that the Commission mailed to me on October 20, 2003.

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