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Act 133: The U.S. Court of Appeals Receives My Complaint

I know that my complaint was received by the United States Court of Appeals, because on September 17, 2004, they sent me this confirmation.

I hate endings that leave you up in the air (like the Sopranos fading to black), but that's all I know. For a while, I called the Court once a month to see if there had been any action on my complaint, and I always got the same response: Nothing's happened, we don't know when something will happen, we don't even know if something will happen. After a while, I stopped calling.

When I first considered posting the material about my efforts to complain about Doug Sprinkle's misconduct, I was advised against it. More than one person told me that the grievance commission might feel sorry for Doug if I "attacked" him online, and so publicizing my grievances might make them less effective. So I decided to wait until the process had reached its conclusion (one way or the other) before I talked about it on the Web. But I initiated this procedure nearly four years ago (I'm writing this in June of 2007) – and nearly three years after I filed a complaint with the U.S. Court of Appeals, I still haven't received any indication that they're ever going to take any kind of action on it. So I decided not to wait any more. Which is why you're reading this now.

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