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Act 79: Taubman "Responds" to Our Discovery Requests

Question: How can you write a document that's 14 pages long but says nothing at all?

Answer: I wouldn't have thought that it was possible, but I just received a copy of a document written by Ari Charlip and Julie Greenberg (Taubman's attorneys) that claims to be a response to our discovery requests. Although the document is 14 pages long, they could have saved a lot of paper by easily squeezing its meaningful content into a single, short paragraph.

If you'll select the link below, you'll see that they refused to answer nearly every question that we asked them – and without those answers, we don't know what their evidence is (assuming that they actually have any), so we have no idea of how to defend against their latest charge. However, you'll also see that they made several references to documents that they attached, and I'd like to think that those documents would have been useful – but I don't know for certain because most of the documents that they claimed to have provided were curiously missing. (A simple oversight, I'm sure.)

If any of this sounds familiar, it might be because this is exactly the same thing that Taubman did during the last round of discovery. They never did submit most of that material, despite frequent assurances that the material was forthcoming. My attorney is discussing the situation with them, hoping to persuade them to perform their responsibilities under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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